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There has been a Post Office on King Edward Point since the 1920s. Constructed of wood in a Scandinavian style the original building survived until 2000, when it was demolished to make way for the new boatshed, generator shed and workshops building. The current (as of 2001) carpenters shop stands on the site now. Tongue and groove wood salvaged from the indoor walls was used to line the bar in Everson House in 2001.



A steel British postbox was set in the front wall, and was removed and installed in the new Post Office building at the western end of the Cook Laboratory, which was opened in 2001.

A second box was installed in the entrance of the Museum at Grytviken in the 1990s

Usage of the old Post Office building

  • Post Office
  • Base Office during the first BAS occupation
  • Accommodation and Office for Marine Officers from 1993 to 2000

Visitor Post Office at Grytviken

In 2009 a room in the Carr Maritime Gallery at the South Georgia Museum at Grytviken was converted for use as a Post Office when cruise ships are visiting. This saves visitors the trip to KEP.


The Post Office is run by a Deputy Postmaster, answerable to the Postmaster in Stanley, Falkland Islands. Variously over the years this job was undertaken by:

  • Magistrates
  • Base Commander of the BAS base from 1969-1982
  • Commanding Officer / Medical Officer of the British military detachments from 1982 to the early 1990s.
  • Marine Officers from the mid-1990s
  • Spouse/Partner of the Marine Officer/Government Officer from the late 1990s, often assisted by the doctors

In 2009 the post was redesignated Postal Officer, with duties including the following:

  • Receiving and distributing incoming mail
  • Preparing and despatching outgoing mail
  • Ensuring that visitors have adequate access to the Post Office
  • Managing assistant staff
  • Processing First Day Covers and philatelic material
  • Preparing an annual report for GSGSSI
  • Liaising with producers of SG stamps and coins on new designs